Industrial Data Security, Data Protection, Data Sovereignty, Privacy

Data security, data protection and data sovereignty play an extremely big role in the industrial use of ICT solutions. Cyber attacks, aiming at data theft, sabotage or the unauthorized access to industrial processes, pose a big threat for every corporation that makes its production facilities, production processes and production data accessible via IP-/Internet-based networks.
With industrially used, IP-/Internet-based ICT solutions security mechanisms must already be planned, integrated across systems and verifiably be tested regarding their conformity with appropriate security guidelines during the conceptual design of involved systems. This includes security mechanisms during the communication of involved systems among each other, the secure storage of production data as well as the secure access to production processes and production databases. When securely accessing industrial production lines industrial Border Controllers/Gateways, that allow the secure, external access to production data and sensors as well as the external controlling of systems, production processes and actuators, play a special role.
The ICT for Industrie 4.0 Center provides different security solutions for the secure communication and data storage as well as for access protection.