Industrial Net Communication

Flexible, solid and secure

For a flexible, secure and solid access to data and services and for the control of tools in a factory, high performance (near real time), flexible, solid and secure communication nets are absolutely necessary. With their control platforms they see to an independent net access or, respectively, to a dynamic access net selection, seamless transfer between access nets and guaranteed application-specific quality of service. For this purpose the ICT for I4.0 Center uses modern core net technologies, software-defined network technologies, virtualized network functions, cognitive network management and appropriate network orchestration systems. Integrated with low latency radio access net technologies those systems allow for industrial, near real time “Closed Loop” control and regulation processes. Integrated with intelligent spectrum management systems they allow for solid, wireless communication in environments prone to disruptions (production facilities). Wireless communication nets are the basis for many future, highly flexible production facilities.
The ICT for Industrie 4.0 Center provides modern, industrial net communication technologies, allows for their integration into different industrial environments and demonstrates their integration into different industrial scenarios.

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