Compilation of Real-time Data and Internet-based Control

Machine-to-Machine communication technologies and platforms and cyber-physical systems (smart sensors, actuators and IoT/M2M gateways) are needed for compiling real-time data and for the Internet-based control of industrial machines and processes. To further process this data systems are in use that – through semantics and ontologies - are capable of analyzing the different, aggregated, industrial data. Scalability regarding the number of end systems (sensors/actuators), intelligent device management systems and a very low latency when transferring data play a major role here. Industrial Border Controllers allow for secure, external access to production data/sensors as well as the external control of systems/actuators.
The ICT for Industries 4.0 Center provides different, industrial sensor nets and gateways with diverse topologies, protocols and network connection (near field, WiFi, mobile) and allows for their integration into various industrial environments as well as demonstrates their integration into multifaceted, industrial scenarios.

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