OpenMTC FIWARE Connector
OpenMTC FIWARE Connector Fraunhofer FOKUS

OpenMTC interconnects FIWARE technologies with oneM2M

As part of the Smart Service World project “SmartOrchestra” (funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy - BMWi), Fraunhofer FOKUS realized the interoperability between FIWARE and the oneM2M standard by using the IoT platform “OpenMTC”. By doing so, sensor data can be exchanged seamlessly between the different standards involved. From now on applications based on FIWARE technology can access sensors and actuators via standard oneM2M interfaces (provided by OpenMTC) without being required to deal with underlying M2M connectivity and communication technologies. OpenMTC not only ensures interoperability by providing interfaces to connected devices, but also by converting data into FIWARE Orion Context Broker formats. The Orion Context Broker allows IoT applications to conveniently search for and discover specific content and data. The persistent storage of data is subsequently realized by additional FIWARE components.

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