Information and Communication Technology for Industry 4.0

Experience, develop and test latest Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies and applications for Smart Manufacturing / Industry 4.0 and Smart Cities

Within the IIoT Center industrial network technologies, standard-based connectivity and communication mechanisms, Fog/Edge/Cloud computing infrastructures, machine-to-machine communication, device management, orchestration and data analytics platforms enable a new generation of highly reliable, highly secure, near-realtime and intelligent IIoT applications.

IIoT Center Overview
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Experience and understand IIoT systems and applications!

Develop your IIoT strategy - implement, test and integrate tailor-made IIoT solutions immediately. Come in and find out! Contact us for an IIoT Lab tour or join us at one of our upcoming events to learn more about our service offerings.

Industrial IoT Center Offers | @Fraunhofer FOKUS

Our Industrial IoT Toolkits 

Our IIoT Toolkits enable a broad range of industrial applications - from Plug & Play integration and unified communication of industrial assets via Asset Administration Shells (AAS) to distributed aggregation, provisioning and analysis of harmonized shop-floor data.

Industrial Internet of Things Tools Fraunhofer FOKUS
Plug and Play
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