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Tom Maelsa/ Fraunhofer FOKUS

Berlin5GWeek/ IIoT Forum: Launch of TSN Interoperability Lab with strategic partner Spirent

At the 2nd international IIoT Forum, Fraunhofer FOKUS‘ IIoT Center officially launches the TSN Interoperability Lab and enters into a strategic partnership with Spirent Communications. Together with Spirents‘ advanced TSN test platforms the TSN Interoperability Lab offers latest TSN protocol, performance and conformance tests for industrial TSN network- and field-devices to its partners. The lab frequently supports TSN plugfests with its TSN and OPC UA testing capabilities and supports the design and integration of complex multi-vendor TSN testbeds. Thomas Schulze, Director of Marketing & Business Development for Automotive, TSN & IoT at Spirent Communications emphasizes “We are excited to join efforts with Fraunhofer FOKUS’ TSN Interoperability Lab team! Together we will foster the proliferation of the de-facto, future-standard networking technology for industrial communications.”

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