IoT Consultancy   

The wide range of the consultancy portfolio of the IoT transfer center mirrors the diversity and range of the Internet of Things. Start-ups on the road to their own product find support for business model, requirement analysis and technology selection, we support SMEs and large enterprises in their digital transformation ranging from technology readiness level assessment up to strategy development for the transformation and implementation of new business models. The following consultancy services are currently on offer:

IoT/ I4.0 Information and Communication Technology Readiness Assessment:

  • Identification of future IoT/ I4.0 applications in the enterprise (field/ enterprise level)
  • Assessment of networking infrastructure in the enterprise
    •      • level of virtualization (NFV), programmability and orchestrability (SDN)
    •      • Industrial Eithernet TSN and Industrial Wireless Readiness
    •      • reliability and resilience
    •      • dimensioning, capacity planning and quality of service of future services
  • Assessment of data management
    •     • maturity level of information quality, from Big Data to Smart Data
    •     • maturity level of data homogeneity, assessment of data warehouse fragmentation
  • Assessment of IT infrastructure
    •     • level of virtualization (cloud), programmability and orchestrability
    •     • reliability, resilience, scalability, availability, real-time capability and security
    •     • dimensioning, capacity and performance of future services
  • Assessment of information exchange
    •     • maturity level „plug and work“, homogeneity of communication protocols, interoperability of data formats and interfaces
    •     • maturity level of real-time capability and security

In cooperation with other partnering Fraunhofer institutes we are offering assessments of cost saving potentials (inventory, manufacturing, logistics, quality and maintenance costs) and determination of qualitative potentials (individualization, flexibilization, productivity and efficiency etc.) and based on those a well-founded strategy development.

Target group: SMEs and large companies that want to prepare, transform and modernize their IT and communication infrastructure for current and future IoT/ I4.0 applications.

Contact: Dr.-Ing. Florian Schreiner