IoT Development:   

IoT solutions and development environments in the transfer center IoT range from interconnection and integration of physical end devices (sensors, actuators, CPS, gateways etc.) to fixed-line and mobile connectivity in near and far field, of M2M and IoT platforms up to data analysis functionality for machine learning and artificial intelligence. Start-ups developing their own IoT product, but also SMEs and large enterprises find tools, solutions and development environments for a fast and customized implementation of IoT ideas and solutions.

Integration and Interconnection of sensors and actuators   

Integration and interconnection of sensors and actuators is realized by means of OneM2M “Interworking Proxy Entities” (IPEs). There exist already IPEs for a number of sensors, actuators and communication protocols (Zigbee, Bluetooth, FS20, LPWAN, Modbus, Profinet, RFID, MEMS, etc.). For integration and interconnection of further enddevices and network protocols, it is straightforward to develop additional IPEs.