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IoT Lab is equipped with a multitude of near field and far field communication technologies that interconnect a broad range of devices and cyber-physical systems, as found in Industry 4.0, traffic, intelligent cities/ public spaces, energy and health. Fog, edge and cloud based machine-to-machine (M2M) communication platforms, device and identity management systems and various solutions for data analysis are available for data aggregation, actuator control and knowledge creation. Standard-based M2M platforms, Industry 4.0 toolkits, fog/ edge /cloud orchestration platforms, semantic stream analytics and complex event processing systems and various 5G toolkits are available for the implementation of cutting-edge IoT solutions. With the help of the following tools ambitious IoT solutions can be realized in a short time.

M2M/ IoT platform:

OpenMTC is a reference implementation of the oneM2M standard and is used in R&D of innovative M2M and IoT applications. The horizontal service approach integrates devices independent of hardware and network infrastructure as well as IoT application domain. The OpenMTC platform is a prototypical IoT / M2M middleware with the objective to provide a standard conforming platform for IoT services. It allows to interconnect sensors and actuators from various vertical application domains. The collected data is aggregated and forwarded to applications, instructions for event-based control can be transmitted directly to end devices.

Application developers use REST APIs to access device data without need to deal with underlying technology specifications of devices connected to the gateways.

The gateways host technology specific protocol adapters to collect data from devices and store them in a oneM2M compatible data model. Since oneM2M specifies network independent interfaces, it is possible to interconnect gateways and backend via local networks, Internet or operator networks. OpenMTC is written in python and can be deployed on various hardware platforms (e.g. x86, ARM)

Industry 4.0 Fog/ Edge Computing Platform:

The Industry 4.0 OpenIoTFog toolkit for industrial connectivity, communication, data and programmability developed by the center of Industrial Internet of Things is a vendor independent prototype of an Industry 4.0 component. The middleware provides a so-called asset administration shell (AAS) in order to integrate physical industrial systems in a factory in form of a digital twin. This allows clients to gain early Industry 4.0 experience and enables even to-day to generate significant added value and realize optimizations.

Using concepts developed by consortia such as Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) and Plattform Industrie 4.0, the plug and play framework collects data from various sensors via industrial fieldbus systems, time sensitive networks (TSN) and various radio technologies; data is standardized, aggregated and communicated via standard-based interfaces (OPC UA, OneM2M). Functionality for local data analytics (stream analytics, complex event processing, machine learning, video analysis), actuation of industrial facilities (OPC UA) and robotics (ROS) is provided.

Core Industry 4.0 applications comprise: quality assurance by video analysis, facility status monitoring, predictive maintenance and digital factory twins.

Fog/ Edge Analytics Platform: 

The IoT Core combines fog edge computing mechanisms with real-time stream analytics, complex event processing (CEP) and machine learning (ML) enabling the realization of a wide range of time and enterprise critical industrial IoT applications.

Advanced M2M connectivity, e.g. by latest low power wide area networks (LPWAN) such LoRa and NB-IoT and deterministic time synchronous industrial communication networks such as time sensitive networking (TSN) brings edge intelligence to intelligent cities, Industry 4.0 and smart grid environments. Industrial IoT standards, M2M protocols and APIs (OPC UA, OneM2M) are provided for seamless integration and interoperability. Time critical stream analytics are realized by latest CEP, ML and video analytics modules, which can be operated on COTS fog / edge and cloud hardware infrastructures. Stream analysis algorithms (CEP, classification and regression models, decision trees, clustering, statistical analysis) and video analysis functions (object, motion detection, tracking, counting & diagnosis, 3D video analysis) support a wide range of applications.

  • Industry 4.0 Status monitoring, predictive maintenance, digital shadow/virtual twin
  • Smart City: Public monitoring and security by intelligent fog based video analysis for autonomous security and prevention measures compliant to data protection and privacy regulations

IoT Core is provided as module within the OpenIoTFog Industry 4.0 toolkit (

Contact: Prof. Dr. Adrian Paschke


Contact: Dr.-Ing. Florian Schreiner


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