The TSN Interoperability Lab

Time-sensitive Networking (TSN)

IEEE TSN standards are the most promising technology for unifying network infrastructures in the manufacturing industry. They will replace existing non-interoperable networking solutions in the near future and guarantee seamless communication from enterprise to field level. High bandwidth, full interoperability, strict and dependable real-time communication – TSN is a game changer for interconnecting your shop floor assets.

TSN is a set of protocols standardized by the IEEE, extending standard Ethernet with support for the delivery of packages within deterministic boundaries regarding time and delay.

There is a strong movement from manufacturing and automotive industry towards TSN, allowing harmonization of communication infrastructures enabled by an international standard replacing costly hardly interoperable, proprietary fieldbus systems.

Become part of the TSN ecosystem! The TSN IOP Lab will pave the way.


TSN Conformance Tests:

Standards are the foundation for assuring interoperability of equipment from different vendors. To validate whether solutions are conformant to TSN standards, the TSN IOP Lab maintains latest TSN testing equipment and test plans within its labs.

TSN Interoperability Tests:

Standards are typically specifying functionalities and system behaviour, and – to a lesser extend – the specific implementation. In many cases, standard-compliant implementations are not necessarily interoperable. Interoperability tests not only allow for assuring interoperability between different solutions, but also for avoiding vendor lock-ins.


Our passion is the search for innovations and emerging technologies such as TSN. We work with pioneers and early adopters and are showcasing how innovative technologies can be integrated into full-blown usage scenarios. Learn more about recent projects and collaboration opportunities here.

Fraunhofer FOKUS is closely working together with network equipment vendors, endpoint and platform providers, and early adopters of TSN. The TSN IOP Lab comprises latest TSN equipment from major players in the market, accelerating the adoption of TSN through its broad spectrum of conformance, interoperability, and performance testing services.