TSN°Enabler – TSN migration made easy!

The TSN°Enabler is a software component allowing you to tunnel your non-TSN traffic of your non-TSN applications and devices through a TSN network with minimal effort.
TSN Enabler
Non-TSN application and device exchanging data via TSN using two TSN°Enablers Fraunhofer FOKUS

The time is ripe – take the leap into TSN with the TSN°Enabler – harmonize and enable your shop-floor communication infrastructure for high-bandwidth applications.

Migrate your assets and applications to a standard-based TSN infrastructure with minimal effort.

The TSN°Enabler deployed on commercial of-the-shelf (COTS) hardware, either acts as a TSN gateway or as a true TSN endpoint, allowing real-time applications to interface with Time-sensitive Networks.

Application developers are provided with a simple to use API for specifying TSN real-time stream requirements – the complexity of packet generation and transmission is fully abstracted. An integrated network configuration interface communicates stream requirements towards the TSN network configuration components.

Make an end to the plethora of non-interoperable industrial Ethernet protocols in the field and use the TSN°Enabler as a gateway for aggregating and transferring multiple communication protocols over a unified TSN communication infrastructure. Reduce cabling, operational costs and enable your network for high-bandwidth applications.