Information and Communication Technology for Industrie 4.0

Demonstration, Development and Test Center

The “IIoT Center" presently being established consists of the IIoT Demonstration Center (showcase and training center) and the IIoT Development and Test Environment (for interoperability, conformity, load tests and the development of demonstrators and prototypes and certification of I4.0 solutions).

The focus is on industrial net communication technologies, human-machine-interfaces, machine-to-machine communication platforms, sensor nets, industrial data analysis, industrial cloud and edge computing, data security and data protection.

In the IIoT Test Center interoperability, conformity, load and security tests of Industrie 4.0 ICT solutions can be conducted.

The IIoT Demonstration Center serves as a showcase for users, manufacturers and interested parties of industrially used ICT systems and also serves as a training center with training modules and consultation offers.

In the IIoT Development Lab demonstrators, proofs of concepts and prototypes can be developed and Industrie 4.0 ICT solutions can be certified.

NGNI, IKT4Zentrum, Grafik, 21.01.2016
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Profit from Fraunhofer FOKUS’ Labs

The IIoT Center at the Fraunhofer Institute FOKUS in Berlin is based on various ICT labs and integrates, adapts and expands their technologies for the use in an industrial context.

While the 5G Playground concentrates with its technologies on modern and future net communication (among others 5G access and core nets, software-defined network technologies, virtualized network functions, network orchestration systems), the IoT Lab (based on the worldwide known FUSECO Playground for Future Seamless Communication of Fraunhofer FOKUS) focusses on sensor nets, machine-to-machine communication, services & platforms, cloud technologies and knowledge-based/semantic data analysis systems (Big Data Analytics for the “6Cs" - customization, community, content/context, cyber, cloud, connection – via, for example, Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning, Streaming Analytics, Complex Event Processing, Corporate Semantic Web).

The Industrial Internet Lab currently being established integrates the technologies of the above-mentioned labs and expands their solutions with Industrie 4.0 protocols (e.g., OPC UA), integrates them in field bus systems typical for production (e.g., SCADA over IP, SCADA over LTE) and in industrial wireless nets (e.g., ISA 100 Wireless, IEC 62734). Furthermore, in the Industrial Internet Lab solutions concerning industrial data security and human-machine-interfaces are analyzed, allocated and further developed in a real I4.0 environment (mobile robots, modern production systems). With tactile Internet methods telepresence and augmented reality scenarios are being evaluated and tested in order to develop secure and solid human-machine-interaction.

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Comprehensive Test Environment of the Fourth Generation

The above-mentioned technologies are being used in the FOKUS IIoT Demonstration, Development and Test Center in order to evaluate integration tests, distributed application scenarios, interaction possibilities, user dynamics and operation concepts.

Through the interaction of the described components a comprehensive test environment for industrial applications of the next, the fourth, generation is being realized. Testbeds for interoperability, load and security tests as well as a showroom for the demonstration of I4.0 application scenarios will be allocated. The showroom comprises various partial systems and demonstrates how modern ICT can already be used today for the efficient, solid and secure communication of cyber-physical systems and industrial processes during manufacturing, but also outside of production facilities.

The IIoT Center supports system providers, system operators, manufacturers of logistic solutions and logistic companies to recognize early on technological trends and their potentials, to develop solutions and test products. The center also addresses small and medium-sized enterprises that intend to improve their products with cyber-physical systems and relevant information and communication technologies and that want to organize their production more efficiently.

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